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How do I change the time on my Panasonic Phone System?

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You may have questions that you just don't feel comfortable asking.  Here are a list of common questions and how to do some things with your new phone system.

  • Both messages are the same, one is an older version of the other. They both mean you have a missed call in your Call Log.

  • To clear this message hit the MENU soft button.

  • Press down on the radial pad 3 times, until Incoming Call Log is highlighted.

  • Press either the ENTER softkey or the Enter button located in the middle of the radial pad.

  • Use the Radial pad to scroll through the missed calls until you have seen all new calls.

  • Press the CANCEL button located to the upper right of the radial pad until you have been brought back to the home screen.

My phone says "Incoming Call ###" or "Missed Call ###"

  • For most Panasonic phones, there will be an INFO soft button you may press that will cycle through the date/time, your extension name and number, and your current time mode setting.

  • For older models without a screen the easiest way to check your extension number is to INTERCOM another extension that has one, your number and name will be displayed on their phone.

  • For the KX-DT321 the easiest way is to hit PROGRAM > 00, which will display your extension number.

How do I check my extension number?

  • This happens because your provider’s Voicemail feature is set to pick up before your Panasonic system does.

  • To fix this, simply call your phone provider and either ask them to disable your Voicemail feature, or set it to pick up after a larger number of rings than your Panasonic system (Around 10 to 15 should work).

  • Make a test call to verify that it has been set correctly.

My provider's voicemail feature keeps answering.

  • Begin by answering or making a call, whether by INTERCOM or an outside line.

  • Notify the other party that you will be placing them on HOLD.

  • Press the TRANSFER button, which will automatically place the other party on hold and place you on INTERCOM.

  • Call the party you wish to transfer the call to either by INTERCOM or outside line.

  • Once the third party has answered, notify them that you are transferring a call.

  • If they are willing to accept the call, simply hang up and it will connect them.

  • If they are not willing to accept, instruct them to hang up.

How do I transfer a call?

  • Begin by accepting, or placing a call, whether it be via INTERCOM or outside line.

  • Notify the other part(y/ies) you will be placing them on HOLD.

  • Press the CONF button once, which will put the called party on hold and place you on INTERCOM.

  • Call a third party either by INTERCOM or picking a second outside line.

  • Once the third party has answered, notify them that you will be adding in another party, and then press the CONF button a second time to merge all parties.

  • To add another person, simply repeat the process as many times as you wish. There is no limit to conference calls; however, outside calls will be limited to how many lines you have.

How do I make a conference call?

  • Generally, there is one commend, however, your system may have been set up in a different way to allow for paging of specific phones. However, unless specifically instructed otherwise, the All Page command is INTERCOM > *(Star)3301

How do I page all phones?

  • This is a common occurrence, what happened was someone hit the MESSAGE button while calling your phone via intercom, this lit up your Message Light.

  • To clear the notification, simply press the message button while the phone is not in use and hit the CLEAR soft button on the menu.

I have a message light, but the system, says I have no new voicemail.

  • Begin by calling in to any of your phone lines that are connected through your phone system.

  • Find your way into the Voicemail system by either waiting for Voicemail to pick up, or have someone transfer you to Voicemail. Typically, TRNASFER 500 > Hang Up.

  • Once you hear the automated Voicemail attendant, press #(pound)6 at any time.

  • Log in to your Voicemail box by press *[Your Mailbox Number] then entering your password and #(pound).

How do I check my voicemail from an outside line?

  • Begin by calling the voicemail system. Typically, this is extension 500, or the button marked Voicemail. (Note: The Message button is not recommended for this.)

  • If you have a brand new Voicemail system, you typically will be walked through a few simple steps.

How do I set up my personal voicemail?

  • Begin by pressing the PROG soft button on the bottom left of the display.

  • Now press the button you wish to program.

  • Press up or down on the radial pad until you find the desired feature.

  • Press either the ENTER soft button or the ENTER button on the radial pad. You will hear a tone.

  • Press the CANCEL button next to the radial pad to return to your phone’s main screen.

How do I change one of the programmable buttons?

  • Begin by pressing the PROG soft button on the bottom left of the display.

  • Now press *(star) *(star)

  • Enter your password, this is typically 1234

  • Now press the NEXT soft button on the bottom right of the display

  • The screen will say "Time and Date set" hit either the ENTER soft button, or on the bottom right of your phone

  • Press NEXT until what you wish to set is blinking

  • Using the number pad, enter the desired time/date

  • To save your changes, hit AUTO DIAL/STORE. You will hear a tone

  • Press HOLD to exit the menu

  • Now press CANCEL or the EXIT soft button to return to your phone's main screen