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Our HD video conferencing system makes it possible to communicate with co-workers wherever they happen to be. We offer HD 1080i video, which allows companies to save money by reducing travel and improves productivity.

Video conferencing for every meeting room, device and person

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Making conferences simple

  • 1080i full HD video

  • 360 degree full duplex HD audio

  • Split screen capability

  • PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera control

Additional features available

  • Easy, user friendly operation and connection

  • Interoperability

  • Connect from anywhere

  • Computer connections

When you purchase a Lifesize HD visual telecommunication device from us, we guarantee you will be satisfied.


Now more than ever, relationships mean success in the business world. Being able to see the person you are working with is even better. Since traveling may not always be an option, video conferencing is the best way to make it happen.

Face-to-face conversations

Distance is no longer a barrier with video conferencing

There are 3 types of solutions to choose from: point-to-point, multipoint and streaming. Lifesize enables you to have the best of all 3, without having to configure anything on your end.  To find out which solution will work best for your business, call us today at 941-747-6108.

How video conferencing works

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