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Professional researchers have conducted numerous studies about distractions in the office. It has been determined that conversational distractions are the number one cause of lost productivity in the open workplace.  Therefore, it is the most important factor to limit and control it.

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It's no secret that distracted workers cost your business money. Discover your options to maximize your ROI by contacting our professionals today.  We can determine the best way to increase privacy in the workplace.

Learn about sound masking

Sound masking is where we add extra noise in the environment to fill the space where 'dead air' sits. Usually we use what is called 'white noise' to fill the space, somewhat like the sound you hear in an HVAC system.

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  • Focus: the ability of office workers to focus on their tasks improved by 48%

  • Distractions: "conversational distractions" decreased by 51%

  • Error-rates: performance of standard tasks improved by 10%

  • Stress: when measured in terms of the actual physical symptoms of stress, stress was actually reduced by 27%

Facts about improved speech privacy levels

How much are conversational distractions costing you and your business?

When you need to trust someone else to make your business more profitable, you can be sure you made the right decision with us.  We have partnered with Speech Privacy Systems because they have been increasing smaller business' profits since 1995. Their main focus during the past 2 decades has always been to help workers get more out of their professional lives.

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